Mark Sheffield

Assistant Professor


The University of Chicago
947 E. 58th St., MC0928, 
Chicago, IL 60637


Office phone: 773-702-4816

Lab phone: 773-795-3849
Office: P411
Lab: J425 




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Research Summary

Memory enables animals to acquire, store, and recall knowledge of the world through experience and use this knowledge to maximize reward and avoid danger. Episodic memories—memories of experiences placed in time and space—are thought to arise through associations made in the hippocampus between distinct stimuli, creating a “whole-scene” representation that can be fully retrieved in the presence of partial cues. Our overarching aim is to understand the mechanisms by which these memories are formed, stored and recalled. To do this we use sub-cellular resolution functional imaging in combination with optogenetics and memory tagging techniques to measure and manipulate identified components of specific memories in real-time during behavior. Using this approach we hope to determine how synapses, large ensembles of neurons, inhibition, neuromodulation, glial cell activity, and other neural processes shape memory formation, storage, and recall.


Research Statement


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