Jason MacLean

Associate Professor

Department of Neurobiology

The University of Chicago
947 E. 58th St., MC0926
Chicago, IL 60637 

Email: jmaclean@bsd.uchicago.edu
Phone: (773) 834-7650
Office: SBRI J111 (MC 0926)



Research Summary

Optical probing and imaging of neuronal microcircuits.


Research Description

Neurons do not work in isolation but rather operate together, within local interconnected circuits. Our lab uses the latest technology in microscopy to allow us to examine the long standing questions of how information is encoded and stored in the neocortex, at the level of the functional neuronal circuit. Other techniques are limited to the examination of either large brain regions, missing the resolution needed to analyze the underlying mechanisms, or to single neurons, missing the activity of the circuit in which the neurons are embedded. Experiments at the circuit level are essential to answering these questions because studies in which single or even a few cells are monitored fundamentally miss the emergent properties of these circuits.


Select Publications

Gururangan, S. S., Sadovsky, A. J., & MacLean, J. N. (2014). Analysis of Graph Invariants in Functional Neocortical Circuitry Reveals Generalized Features Common to Three Areas of Sensory Cortex. PLoS computational biology, 10(7), e1003710.

Runfeldt, M. J., Sadovsky, A. J., & MacLean, J. N. (2014). Acetylcholine Functionally Reorganizes Neocortical Microcircuits. Journal of neurophysiology, jn-00071.

Sadovsky, A. J., and MacLean, J. N. (2014). Mouse Visual Neocortex Supports Multiple Stereotyped Patterns of Microcircuit Activity. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(23), 7769-7777.

Sadovsky A and Jason N. MacLean J (2013).Scaling of Topologically Similar Functional Modules Defines Mouse Primary Auditory and Somatosensory Microcircuitry. J. Neuroscience, August 28, 2013 • 33(35):14048 –14060

Kruskal PB, Li L, and MacLean JN. (2013) Circuit reactivation dynamically regulates synaptic plasticity in neocortex. Nat Commun. 4:2574.

Sadovsky AJ, Kruskal PB, Kimmel JM, Ostmeyer J, Neubauer FB, and MacLean JN. (2011) Heuristically optimal path scanning for high-speed multiphoton circuit imaging. J Neurophysiol. 106:1591-1598.

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