Judy Prasad

Post-Doctoral Scholar


Honours BSc., Neuroscience, University of Toronto at Scarborough                    PhD, Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience), McGill University


I am the first member of the Sherman lab to examine prefrontal cortical circuitry, building upon my discovery of parallel cortico-thalamo-hippocampal pathways [JNeurosci.33(19), 8494-8503]. I was recruited by and collaborate extensively with Dr. Eva Dyer’s computational neuroscience group at the Georgia Institute of Technology (http://dyerlab.gatech.edu/). Our most recent publication reveals how X-ray microtomography is used to reconstruct and quantify large 3D brain maps, complementing current connectomics efforts.

Recent publications

Dyer, E. L., Roncal, W. G., Prasad, J. A., Fernandes, H. L., Gürsoy, D., De Andrade, V., Fezzaa, K., Xianghui, X., Vogelstein, J.T., Körding, K. P. & Kasthuri, N.  (2017). Quantifying mesoscale neuroanatomy using X-ray microtomography. eNeuro4(5), ENEURO-0195.

Prasad, J. A., Abela, A. R., & Chudasama, Y. (2017). Midline thalamic reuniens lesions improve executive behaviors. Neuroscience345, 77-88

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