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Christian Hansel

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jason maclean

Sadovsky A and MacLean J (2013).Scaling of Topologically Similar Functional Modules Defines Mouse Primary Auditory and Somatosensory Microcircuitry. J. Neuroscience, August 28, 2013 • 33(35):14048 –14060



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Udayar V, Buggia-Prévot V, Guerreiro RL, Siegel G, Rambabu N, Soohoo AL, Ponnuswamy M, Siegenthaler B, Bali J, AESG, Simons M, Puthenveedu MA, Hardy J, Thinakaran G, and Rajendran L: A paired RNAi and RabGAP overexpression screen identifies Rab11 as a novel regulator of β-amyloid production. Cell Reports, in press.